St. Mary’s campus is an icon of history and hope. The church has been a distinctive landmark on Dubuque’s skyline since 1863, and is a towering reminder of the heritage and legacy of the downtown community.

Now, after 150 years, the downtown Dubuque stronghold is poised to undergo a community-centered transformation that will renew and carry on the legacy of community enrichment.

Thanks to a Dubuque Racing Association grant, Steeple Square will be accessible to all. The $20,000 grant is being utilized toward accessibility improvements.

This $66,250 improvement project is to ensure safety and offer inclusive accessibility to public spaces while incorporating smart sustainable practices around urban development. Improvements include: ADA compliant renovations in restrooms, incorporating universal design, energy efficient insulation & electrical outlets, update air conditioning system, restoration of limestone entryway steps, and updated handrails.

Dubuque Racing Association’s $20,000 Gran