High in the sky, the steeple restoration project on former St. Mary’s parish in Dubuque is taking shape.

Two years after receiving a $600,000 capital campaign challenge grant from the Jeffris Family Foundation, Steeple Square has raised the two-for-one match requirement of $1.2 million for the project. It is now on track to be completed by the end of October.

The former church turned event center is considered a historic landmark in the city of Dubuque. It’s known for its steeple sitting 210 ft. in the sky. Currently, crews are working on its new copper finish.

Judy Wolf of Steeple Square said, “I drove by it last week, and with the sun shining on it for the first time, I saw it fully illuminated and it was a wow moment for me.”

The building off of 15 St. is full of rich history.

Historian Duane Hagerty of Heritage Works said, “This was the parish for the first generation of German immigrants to this area.”

Stained glass, the clock and the church bells are also being restored thanks to the community’s support and the Jeffris Family Foundation.

Hagerty said, “We had to come up with $1.2 million in a match to get that $600,000, so we spent the last two years raising that $1.2 million.”

They had three years to meet their goal, Steeple Square did it in two.

“It really is gratifying to know that this project has such great community support,” said Hagerty.

The building is just one part of an overall $15 million project including 3 others in the neighborhood. Permanent housing and a child care center are also in the works.

To read more about the Jeffris Family Foundation, click here: https://www.jeffrisfoundation.org/

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